Revenue Stamps of the State / Government of Damascus


In this simple, brief study, I will look into the stamps of the “Government of Damascus” as well as the “State of Damascus” which are basically only five revenue stamps (4 piasters, 6 piasters, 10 piasters, 20 piasters, and 150 piasters), and the value of two of them was changed (the value of the 6 piasters stamp was changed to become 5 piasters and the value of the 150 piasters stamp was changed to become 50 piasters), bringing the total number of these revenue stamps to seven.

Fig. 1: stamps showing values of 4 piasters, 6 piasters, 10 piasters, 20 piasters and 150 piasters.
Fig. 2: A dedication letter bearing the five revenue stamps of the State of Damascus, dated December 4, 1922. From the collection of Mr.Layth Zaker.

The study is according to the dates written on each stamp, and the earliest known date is on the stamp denomination “6 Syrian Qirsh/piasters” and written on it: “Government of Damascus / for the benefit of the Hijazi Railway” and dated to the year 1339 AH – 1920 AD. The image on this stamp shows a view of the Hijaz train, and the value of this stamp was changed later to become “5 Syrian piasters” in red.

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