Unknown stamped paper (detail) from duchies of Schleswig and Holstein


This is the greatest of rarities among the stamped paper research from the area of Schleswig-Holstein: the class number 190 is the class valid for a stamp total from 183.750 marks up to a stamp amount of 185.625 marks. According to the state stamp table, a stamp paper in the first class is to be taken with this sum, which has a stamp duty of 1558 marks and 2 shillings. The stamp amount is charged in Mark and Schilling (Schleswig-Holstein Courant). The stamp paper regulation was introduced on 14 August 1849 or amended accordingly.

Figure 1
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Source: Wolfgang Morscheck Bad Säckingen Germany, Handbook on Stamp Paper Impost from the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein Part 1 + Part 2.


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