Unlisted Austrian Netherlands 1748


The Austrian Succession War (1740-1748) broke out when, after the death of Emperor Charles VI (which meant the extinction of the House of Hapsburg in the Manns line), several European princes raised their own claims to the Habsburg hereditary lands and the Roman-German empire. His daughter Maria Theresia was elevated by the Austrian archduke and the conflict grew into a global war. The Peace of Aachen confirmed the pragmatic sanction and the British succession for Hanover.

Prussia was once again given Silesia and the County of Glatz. Thus Austria lost one of its richest provinces, while Prussia rose to a European grandeur. The colonial powers agreed to return their conquests. The goal of France to significantly weaken the archenemy Austria had failed. The sons of the Spanish queen received duchies in Italy, and Austria was able to compensate for the loss of Silesia with some territorial gains.

County Hainaut (Hainaut)
Chatellenie de`Ath (Castle Heer of Ath) / Prevote de Beaumont de Chimay/Chimai (Field warfare of Beaumont and Chimay)
Devaux catalog page.

During the period of occupation of the Austrian Netherlands, from 1745 until the peace of Aachen 1748, revenue stamps were stamped with the arms of France. Here one from the period 1747 – 1748, for SIX PATARDS, unlisted in the catalog by A. Devaux. See the catalog page above. Devaux listed only PATARS.

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