“From the cradle to the grave, only forms, forms”

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Saarland stamped papers, so-called state stamp sheets, to be used for whole high and only handwritten stamp duty values. These documents that had very high stamp amounts in the Saar area, and businesses that had also been put under control, were made on specially made for this purpose security stamp paper, similar to the then banknotes. These security papers were created in the Guillochier process, using a guilloche machine to etch or engrave the patterns in stone or copper plates used to make copper, stone and letterpress plates. The method is of particular importance for securities production (see banknote printing).

The Guillochiermaschine operated by cranks (including electric motor) and gear translation consists mainly of the slewing, as the wearer of the plate to be engraved, which remain at rest or in their plane circular or eccentric and also in the direction of their longitudinal and transverse axis by supports can be moved, and guided on slideways carriage or Guillochierwerk; this contains the engraving pen that works resting or moving in straight and swinging orbit. The latter is either by an angle lever, which receives its leadership by a button (stylus) and various odd-shaped discs (cartridges, dies, Fassonräder and templates), or caused by multiple combinable eccentrics.

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