Municipal revenue stamps: Vreeswijk

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Vreeswijk has already recordings of existance in the 10th century and already a wooden “sluis” in the river of the Vaartse Rhine in 1373. On that spot you will still find the “Old sluis”. Main goal of this “sluis” was to get reconnected with the town of Utrecht. It was protected by a militairy fortification but in 1815 the “sluis”collapsed. They rebuilded the “sluis”in 1822-24 and this is the current “Old sluis”. Due to the excavation of the Merwede Chammel in 1881, Vreeswijk became an important spot for shippingand still mentioned on current nautical charts.


Vreeswijk had 5546 inhabitants when discontinued on 1-1-1971. The shield is lazure (blue) with 3 fases of gold.

After the merging in 1971 it became part of the growth spot of Nieuwegein and now one of the older cores with a small shopping center and a few restaurants. There are 3 key types recorded with some varities. Also in this case no known recorded data but references with similar types of other municipals.

1930? Dark blue with black number
1935? (with number) / 1940? (without number?); f 0,15 ochre-yellow; f 0,25 brownish red; f 0,50 blue; f 1,- orange; f 2,50 red
1950? 1952? 1954? Blank; blue/pale green Blank; rose-red/pale rose Blank; rose-red /orange
1952? 1954? 1956? Blank; rose-red /orange Blank; blue/bronze Blank; dark blue/bronze
1965? Blank; dark blue/bronze

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